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Mobile paint sprayer

Even careful drivers will soon see scratches, dents, and other blemishes form daily use of their vehicles. However, it isn’t always simple to discover the car service provider that you can trust for more forms of vehicle maintenance.

Mobile Paint Sprayer Midrand remains the best choice in mobile scratch and dent repair. No matter where your vehicle remains parked or what services you need, you won’t find a better option in complete auto paint repair than us.

Firstly, whether you need us to assist you with safety concerns or secondly cosmetic needs, we do however achieve the results you expect from complete repair and paint solutions. In addition we range from minor accidents to restoration jobs. In other words, there is nothing that we can’t improve with our mobile dent repair experts.
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    A3 TFSi Clear Coat
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    A3 TFSi Base Coat

Mobile scratch and dent repair

Mobile scratch and dent repair is the convenient and affordable way to renew your car’s paint and prevent maintenance needs from forming. For instance, when you don’t deal with scratches, gashes, and dents as soon as they occur, it quickly leads to rusting and warping, as well as potential damage to tires.

Mobile dent repair eliminates the need for booking a mechanics appointment. Most noteworthy, you won’t need to spend the day waiting in a stuffy room again. Our mobile dent repair technicians come to your vehicle, providing a better quality of maintenance right to your door.

Whether your vehicle remains at home or work, we bring the repair shop to you, keeping you on budget every call. And when you no longer have to spend hours waiting for your mechanic to finish your job, it helps you save more time in the process.
  • VW Jetta After mobile spray painting
    VW Jetta After
  • VW Jetta Panel Beaters Randburg
    VW Jetta Before

Paintless dent removal

Paintless dent removal has remained the trusted choice in removing dings, dents, and other damages. However, it takes an experienced service technician to get the job done correctly.
Furthermore our team are well experienced and love what they do. One could say they live for it.

Your paintless dent removal requires access to the rear of the dent, usually located behind vehicle panels, rear brake lights, and other areas that stay difficult to access. Consequently once your technician is in place, they must slowly create pressure to work it out.

If performed too quickly, your vehicle’s metal can easily puncture, tear, and otherwise break beyond use. It is only through careful, skilled applications that you can rework dents without fear of making them even worse than before.

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      Mobile bumper repairs

      When you call a professional dent and scratch repair company you get ultra fast service with on the spot quotes. Costing is low as we have been in the mobile plastic repair business for a long time.

      We are very comparable when it comes to cost and no other mobile spray painter beats our service. Convenient mobile auto body repairs are just a phone call away.
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      Car Service

      Every driver knows that the best way of preventing repair needs is through preventative care. However, when auto body mechanics charge a fortune for simple repairs, it only costs you more in the process.

      Instead, you’ll find affordable options for complete car service needs, keeping your vehicles performing at their best for less. No matter why you called our team, from oil changes and air filters to a complete 62-point service inspection, we provide you with the best care possible each time.

      Why should your vehicle repair needs remain a pricey, complicated affair? Bring the mechanic garage to your home today.

      Headlight restoration

      Fogged lamps are more than an eyesore. When night or rain falls, it becomes even more difficult to see where you’re going.

      Unfortunately, without professional headlight restoration, you are putting yourself and others at risk.

      Each meter of visibility lost means reduced stopping power when you need to break immediately.
      If your beams aren’t reaching as far as they used to, then you need headlight restoration today.

      ​Choose the team who offers better repairs faster and for less every day.

      Auto Paint Repair

      Most drivers think that you must go to a vehicle paint garage, even when you only have a few faint scratches. Not only do these appointments take forever, but you’ll spend a fortune in the process.

      When you choose our auto paint repair service, it means bringing the products and expertise to your car rather than the other way around. From minor instances, like shopping carts and other vehicle door scratches, to more severe blemishes, we guarantee the best results possible for less.
      Cheap paint touch-up kits and colour pens simply don’t do enough in covering up scratching. Instead, we use proper automotive paint that matches and blends in naturally. Just ask any qualified panelbeaters.
      • Audi S8 Before mobile spray painting
        Audi S8 Before
      • Audi S8 Polished
        Audi S8 Polished

      Panel Beaters Midrand

      Although many professionals advertise local repair services, it remains challenging to find an affordable or convenient choice in Panel Beaters Midrand services.

      ​Even cosmetic repair needs must be handled by an experienced professional to achieve the best results possible each time.
      Our team remains comprised of the best panel beaters that Midrand has to offer, allowing you a chance to save on better-completed auto maintenance. From dents and dings to in-depth repair services, you can’t beat experience for quality results. We are also specialised in bumper repairs Midrand. Just search for Panel Beaters near me.
      • Audi R8 Prepped
        Audi R8 Prepped
      • Audi R8 Polished
        Audi R8 Polished


      For how important your vehicle’s wheels, frames, and wheel wells remain, they damage easier than you may expect. The typical driver can also often benefit from mag repairs to keep their rubber tires safe.

      Over time, salt air leads to rusting while striking curbs and potholes can leave frames scratched and mangled. If these issues stay ignored, they will only worsen, leading to punctured tires and scratched and dented car bodies.
      We make your mag repairs simple, convenient, and affordable, no matter what caused your areas of concern. When you need your mags repaired but don’t want to visit an auto repair garage, you need to call us now.
      • Mag repairs
        Mag repair
      What are you waiting for?
      Your vehicle won't repair itself
      Legendary Midrand Auto provides immaculate minor car accident and spray painting services.
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      Plastic Bumper Repairs

      Thousands of consumer vehicles utilise plastic bumpers. And yet, finding quality plastic bumper repairs remains a struggle.

      Some shops insist on using pricey chemical epoxies and equipment to repair bumpers, but those applications are not always necessary. When the damage is minor, or it’s an entry-level passenger vehicle, it may not always require advanced repair techniques.

      Many bumper issues are small, or they reconnect easily and don’t need advanced correction to keep together. When they receive more repair steps than needed, it only costs you more.
      Instead, the team behind Mobile Paint Sprayer Midrand offers quality repairs for less, and the convenience of mobile mechanic services. When you need to go beyond the same expensive repair garages, we make your plastic bumper repairs simple on every job.
      • Bumper repair
        VW Polo Sedan Before
      • VW Polo Sedan After
        VW Polo Sedan After

      Hail Damage Repairs

      No one expects hail. If you are luck you will get a notification via sms from your insurance company or you will hear about it from a friend or one the news. Fact is that hail can cause a lot of damage. What if a hail storm dents your vehicle or even worse, fleet of vehicles. These dent effect the vehicles and your company running costs.

      When you are worried about hail damage repair costs reach out to Midrand hail damage repair experts. We are experienced hail damage repair artists and we will come to you for quick repairs where ever you are. Contact hail-damage repair Midrand today, we will instantly send you a hail damage cost estimate. Also ask us about paintless dent repairs.
      • Audi A3 Sedan Base Coated
        Audi A3 Base Coated
      • Audi A3 Sedan Clear Coated
        Audi A3 Clear Coated
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