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Mag Wheels​

Here at Mag repairs, we do it all.

Peeling rims
Sidewalk scrapes
Rim welding
​Mag Rims
Rim and mag polishing
Black powder coating
Spray painting rims
Mag restoration
Rim straightening
Mag refurbishment
Alloy mag repairs
Mag repairs Johannesburg
Rim repairs
Bent mag repairs
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Mag Rims

Our Mobile Mag Rim repairs cover minor sidewalk bumps and scratches. If we can not repair it onsite we might have to send it in to the shop. Rather safety first and we will always communicate what we are doing in advance.
Perhaps you are a second hand car dealer and want to fix some rims, we are open to bulk recurring agreements.

We can handle quotes on the go and you will know where you stand with our amazing onsite quotes.
Do you have a cosmetic rim touch up or a simple curb rash, call us for a quick estimate.

Mobile rim repairs in the following locations.

Lanseria airport

...and many other locations, in other words, we are mobile.
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Mag Wheel Repairs

From minor mag repair to full mag restoration.
Furthermore we are mobile and can repair curb rash, bent mag's, mag corrosion and minor cracks on the move. Do you perhaps needs some mag colouring or complete replacement of your wheels that are too far gone that they cant be repaired. Most noteworthy is safety first and we are happy to give some informative advise.
Midrand Auto Body strive to provide amazing service for your mags. You will be grateful of our workmanship.
Another point is that we can make your scratches disappear. We make your bends straight again and your cracks like new again. Call today and learn more about our mobile mag repairs.

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      Mag repairs can happen at your work

      Dont need to come to us. We come to you!

      Mag repairs Midrand

      Your vehicles performance is at risk if your alloy wheels are damaged. It also looks nasty if your mag rims are damaged.

      We are the first company to be mobile and realise the need for safe, quality wheel repair. We take your wheels off the car for mag repairs.

      Reliability and safety are number one in our Alloy wheel repair application. Give mag repairs Pretoria a chance today.
      About us
      Fast Turnaround
      Your vehicle is our number one priority.
      Quality Assured
      We guarantee 100% satisfaction on every job we complete.
      No Job Too Big
      Providing a full scope of automotive repair services.
      Experienced Engineers
      Years of experience will show in the work done. We know how to do it.
      Always informed
      We will keep you up to date all the time

      Rims South Africa

      Alloy wheels can get damaged with potholes, bricks, stumps and the list of road hazards is long. Wheel damage can happen in an instant and it can be disheartening on your expensive alloy rims.

      We provide a complete mag repair solution to various types of damage here at rims South Africa
      Inside and outside bends
      Raised corner rash
      Small cracks

      Mag Wheels South Africa

      Do not replace, call us to attend to Rim repairs. Rim replacement can be costly, be informed first before making any decisions.

      It is so easy to chip your mags. Most noteworthy is that underground parking spaces can be so small and those corners are just too tight for instance. Our rim repair prices will delight you and the process is easy and simple for us. Pit holes and rim scratches are a thing of the past for your mag wheels South Africa.

      Wheels are often damaged by potholes. Potholes seem to disappear in the rain. Often your insurance will cover the rim replacement. What about that excess, call us to see if we can get a quote in under your excess. Sometimes this can be a fraction of the cost.

      Quick turnaround time and safety are what matter most to us when it comes to your mag repairs. Skilled technicians are just a call away. We use the latest technology in rim restoration and most jobs can be done in a day.
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      Rim Repairs

      Mobile mag repairs use the best industry related equipment. We have paint matching experience. This all counts towards your mag and rim repairs. As we are mobile you might not need to remove your wheels as we could repair on-site.

      Furthermore we repair mag cuts, rim scratches, rim scrapes and mag scuffs. Call us or send us a few pictures for an instant quote.

      We specialize in;
      Corrosion repairs
      Color matching
      ​Mag repairs Centurion
      Brake dust removal
      Factory color matching

      Mag Repairs

      Do you want something no-one else has. Have you seen it on Pinterest? Did you realise this can be done?

      Midrand Auto Body offers coloured mags tailored to your style and add in your own creative designs.
      We work with your mags profile and use the lines for unique effects. Two tone colour works really great!

      Send us some photos and start a discussion around what you want and we will tailor a package for you.
      Call us for instant Mag quotes
      Your Mags will appreciate it
      Legendary Midrand Auto Body provides immaculate minor car accident and spray painting services.
      ​ We are just a click call away
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      Mag Repair

      Rim repairs is Gautengs alloy wheel repair company. We have mobile units that come to you. The average repair is complete in a day
      Our mobile units are manned by qualified auto repair technicians. The vehicles are professionally equipped and so can tackle all unique repairs.

      Auto Body Repairs is Gautengs largest premium alloy wheel repairer. We are a vehicle based, mobile unit where we come to you, with the average repair taking no longer than about an hour per wheel.
      Our approach is one of a specialist with a high quality service. Our service includes complete resprays, colour changes, custom colour works and alloy rim repairs. Furthermore we also handle very difficult mag repairs.

      Most noteworthy we a service some top dealerships, insurance companies and even the classic car rims industry. We consistently aim for the highest quality mobile mag repairs


      Mag wheel repairs Midrand is experienced in performing mag restoration. This can is a result of curb scrape, potholes and other things that can damage your rims and tires.

      If you accidentally scraped or scratched your custom mags, we can help with the cost saving of getting a new set.

      Mag repair Johannesburg can repair rims to a showroom quality and we do this while being mobile. You will have a restored look that saved you Rand.
      Call a Mag repair specialist for a free consultation.
      Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa
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