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Mobile paint chip repair

Most vehicles have paint scratches and paint chips. When your car is on the road it is just a matter of time before paint chips happen. A Paint Sprayer can sort that for you on the spot!

Vehicles that sit at home or in a garage have a chance of something falling on it or getting a scratch as someone walks past it. It happens, and what can you do as your great looking vehicle is diminishing in looks?
Full car respray and restoration including Spraypainting in our booth, Nissan GT-R fender repair and spray

Paint polishing

Paint scratch repair involves buffing and polishing the area, some know it as spider-webbing. On light colour car paints works it is a known fact that scratches are not that noticeable.

Dark colour paint jobs show scratches like a huge eye sore.

We are experts in all colour scratch repairs.
Ford Ecopsort plastic bumper torn

Paint Chip repairs

Perhaps you may have been to that Auto shop up the road and the helpful guy sold you a paint touch up kit.

Your DIY paint chip repair job may not have been successful on your car. This could have been the result of the product you bought not working well with your paint work.

​ A trained eye can always find a repaired scratch or even chips, you have to get real close up. Most chips are not noticeable from more than a meter away.

Headlight restoration

Are your headlights or maybe even your taillights, oxidized and hazy? Oxidization is because of vehicle oils, road dirt and grease mixed with other toxins in the air, caused from driving behind other vehicles.
These toxins stick to your headlights. Once you switch on your lights, they heat up a little and bind the toxins even more. The heat of the sun also aids this bonding process. The sun itself can break down your lights UV coating.

The real danger is that your headlights are no longer working and illuminating the road ahead as they should, reducing your visibility in the dark. This is when you need to see the most. You might even think of replacing them. You will be shocked at headlight replacement costs.

Furthermore Midrand Auto Body use sanding, polishing and sealing techniques that will have your lights looking and operating as they should. We will also come to you so as not to inconvenience you.
Polishing a headlight that was sun-bleached
Paintwork of a panel ready to have a final polish for a showroom finish

Car Polish

Paint polishing has multiple steps as we want to achieve the exact same condition of the area as it was before. Each paint job can be different and we are skilled in all car polishing techniques and mag repairs.

Show room paint conditions all comes down to the polishing steps. Call a professional and we will come to you for a show room finish.

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Mobile spray painter in Midrand and surrounds can do some really nice precision work

Scratch and dent repairs

If you are going for 100%, repainting might be the only way. Repainting a bumper can cost a few thousand rands. Now consider an Auto Body Shop where your car will need to stand for a day or two, the cost and inconvenience of not being able to use your car.
Our mobile scratch and chip repairs is a fantastic alternative at a real cost saving price.

All vehicles have their fare share of chips and scratches and many people don't know how to correct them. Call us today and we will happily give you a free cost estimate for mobile scratch and dent repairs. We might even give you some tips, we love to talk about mobile spray painting.
Vintage Chev restoration in Pretoria

Spray Painting

Some scratches and dents are severe and will need some time, maybe a day or two to fully prepare, repair, respray and polish. That said if you only have a few chips or scratches we can normally have them repaired in a few hours in the summer and a few more hours in the colder winter months.

Again call your mobile spray painter today and we can have a discussion, you will know exactly where you stand cost and time wise.

Bumper Repairs

Don't send your car in for days or get overcharged for plastic repairs that can be done within a few hours. If your cars plastic was scratched, find out what your excess is and then contact us for a very cost effective quote. Find out more about our mobile bumper repair service in the greater Johannesburg north and Midrand area.

When you have a new car and your bumper gets scratched or dented. No need to worry. We might be able to help and chances are that you wont need to spend your insurance excess or take away your no claims bonus. We are mobile and can come to you saving you both time and hassle.
Spray paint white perfect for a plastic bumper repair
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