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Paintless dent removal

It is easier to avoid that dent in the car, we don't see it all the time! Maybe it will go away!

Car dent removal is not always on our minds until Auto repair comes knocking at the door. ​Most noteworthy is the fact is that it is dangerous and only gets worse over time.

Dents and scratches happen when we least expect them to. As a result some insurance companies can warn you in advance that a hail storm is coming but most of us realise it too late.
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Dent and scratch repair

​​How about that car park where the parking bays are too small for cars and when you return to your car there is a dent or scratch.

Perhaps you need to drive on a dirt road where stones can be flung up by your tires. Due to the chips that the stones make your car can look worse over time. Maybe you are just behind another vehicle and a rouge stone finds it way onto your paintwork and dents your vehicle.
As a result often it is a bit disheartening. No need to call a life coach! No worries as car dent removal is here and available for your vehicle scratch and dent repair needs.
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    Jeep Compass Before
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Mobile dent repair

Try not to fix it yourself by using a DIY dent repair kit. Often if you are not trained and hence it can damage your car even more. Also look out for extremely high costs and long waiting times from average repair shops.
​Paintless dent repair is quick and is cost effective. Your car will be great again soon!

We have the knowledge, skills and experience for car dent removal. Our mobile dent repair team are a pleasure to experience and you will want them around again next as their professional attitude and knowledge is unrivalled.

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      Paintless dent repair can happen at your home

      Dont need to come to us. We come to you to save time!

      Car dent repair

      Midrand Auto Body are known as a car dent repair provider that is convenient and professional. Even more, we service from the smallest dent to large, multiple jobs. The latest and most exciting Paintless Dent Repair technician can service your auto repair needs.

      The process includes an application to the dent from inside the effected area and getting it as close as possible to its original form. After that the dent repair expert will polish the area, carefully considered polishing the surface. This is repeated until the dents are gone.

      If you have paint chips we repair the dent first and then attained to to the chipped paint.
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      Quick Car Service

      Time is of the utmost importance when it comes to quick and small jobs. Sometimes they can be completed within an hour, just ask your paintless dent repair expert.

      Firstly if it is a large dent it can take longer as the technician has to work diligently, carefully and he also knows how much your car means to you.

      Secondly if you don't want to take your vehicle to the Auto shop, we can come to you for a hassle free mobile dent and scratch repair​ done right where you are.

      Finally it does not matter if you are at work, a conference or at home, our mobile units can operate almost anywhere.

      Paintless dent repair costs

      Without a doubt, repairing dents can be very costly and quickly mount up to more than your budget. That said, mobile dent repairs are significantly less as we don't have huge workshops that have huge overheads to run and manage. In addition that is what makes mobile spray painters more and more popular.

      ​Don't get fooled though, and call us for your experienced and trusted mobile scratch and dent repairs.
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        Ford Ranger Primed
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        Dents Removed
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      Auto Paint Repair

      Very few dent and scratch repair service companies have been in business as long as we have. With ten years of experience behind us, our repeat customers are very satisfied with the work done.

      Make sure that you have your vehicle serviced by a trusted company or you might find your dents and scratches worse off.

      Dent repair costs?

      We specialise in Paintless dent Repairs only because we have tried all the different dent and scratch repair methods. Some were successful and some were a fail. Since we have done the dent removal due diligence we can confidently apply Paintless Dent removal. The dent repair technicians use their chosen tools to professionally repair minor accident scratches along with any dent repair that is necessary.

      With us, time is continuously on our minds as we know you need your vehicle back as quickly and professionally as possible. Most noteworthy we also know that the work done needs to be economical. in addition with this in mind, we give fantastic results with long lasting results.
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      Bumper repairs Midrand

      Firstly our quick, simple and cost effective paintless dent repair is the talk around town, maybe that is because our mobile units have been around for almost ten years.

      Secondly you do not need to spray paint your entire vehicle if only a small part has dents and scratches. However obtaining one of our expert dent repair technicians is the right move to getting your wheels back to its former glory. The work is done well and to your satisfaction. We also work with Mag Repairs.

      ​Thirdly and most importantly your car should not drop in value, get your blemishes repaired quickly with a mobile dent repair expert. Moreover get a free quote estimate and you will see that it is not as expensive as you think and you won't be without your vehicle.

      ​In conclusion let a mobile vehicle repair unit come to you and have your car looking fantastic, quickly and professionally.

      Scratch Repair?

      The Mobile dent and scratch repair teams work with small scratches and scrapes. Perhaps it was a car key scratch or perhaps a dog jumped up and scratched the panel. Maybe your car has some peeling paint, we can sort that for you.

      Since we are on the road we make sure we are efficient and that means using the least amount of paint needed for mobile scratch repairs. You benefit as we don't use as much paint and so costs are reduced due to our efficiency.

      Bumper repairs dont always have to be costly

      At times it is just a small area of the bumper or panel that has been damaged. In this case we call this type of job area blending. This is done by a highly skilled technician. What he does is match the exact colour with the rest of the panel. This is at an advantage to you because the costs are significantly lower than working on a whole panel. We can come to you and do the work at your office or home. Scratch and dent repair is easy for us.
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