Panel Beaters

Spray Painters
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  • Nudge bar preparations during panel beating include sanding
  • Nudge bar with second primer

Auto Works

Sometimes when driving your vehicle you just know that something is not right. Seems like your timing is off or is your gearbox failing or perhaps your air conditioner just isn't keeping things cool anymore.

Do not let these little things go on too long because these small warning signs become something more expensive down the road.
​If you are like me, your car is a big investment, so rather always take care of your investments.
Auto Repair can help.
  • Nudge bar with primer during panle beating process in Centurion
  • Nudge bar Spray painted during Panel beating process

Panel Beaters

The trouble of finding a reputable car repairs company has just come to an end. We can repair your vehicle correctly no matter what kind minor accident your vehicle was in. Not only have you found a great Auto works company but you also found a team that won't charge too much for auto repair. This is a 2 for 1! Well done.

Whatever the issue is with your vehicle is we can help. In other words Panel Beaters Midrand can fix you right up. We guarantee to keep our quotes reasonable because we value our customers.
  • Nudge bar panel beating

Auto Body Works

Do you drive a Toyota Prado,
​4 X 4, Ford EcoSport, SUV or Volvo or small VW Polo? All these vehicles would need minor auto works in their lifetime due to wear and tear. Consequently small little issues are fixed within a couple of hours. iN addition bigger car repairs may take some days. We know that it can be inconvenient to be without your vehicle so our mobile team will do their best to get to the minor panel beating needs. If your vehicle does need to come into the shop we will make sure that we complete the job as soon as possible as our technicians work fast. They are very very efficient when it comes to panel beater services.

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      Panel Beaters 

      Our workshop is there for your convenience.

      Panel Beater

      You will be surprised how quickly we get auto services completed. Another point is that our professional team aim to get you back on the road again, as soon as possible. For instance we will never send a customer out of the shop until you are absolutely sure that the auto services have been done correctly. 

      We are proud of our superior panel beaters and fantastic customer service. This is our success secret and that's what keeps our customers coming back all the time.
      About us
      Fast Turnaround
      Your vehicle is our number one priority.
      Quality Assured
      We guarantee 100% satisfaction on every job we complete.
      No Job Too Big
      Providing a full scope of automotive repair services.
      Experienced Engineers
      Years of experience will show in the work done. We know how to do it.
      Always informed
      We will keep you up to date all the time

      Auto Repair

      Mobile Auto Body Works are proud of their professional staff in the Johannesburg - Midrand and Centurion areas.

      We are also mobile and so can come to you for some auto services. Hence we hire the best because our customers deserve the best.

      What will it cost me?

      Many minor scratches are from simple things like a key scratch or when you drive past a bush too close. The great news is that these kinds of small scratches only take a few hours to fix. You might not even need to claim from insurance saving you on your no claims bonus and excess. call us today for a free quote and know exactly what it will cost!

      Car and Motorbike Repairs

      Car and Motorbike repairs have reputable customer relationships. Over the years the customers number have increased. We are passionate about motorbike repairs and car repairs. Our reputation grows year on year. Midrand Auto Body quality work and experience allows for affordable auto works.
      Our motorbike repairs has grown as our company has grown. We were once a small company but now we have mobile bike repair units all over Johannesburg, Midrand and Centurion. Our client needs come first. Time, convenience and professionalism are all the buzz word now. We as panel beaters in Midrand service auto repairs on the go. From grey imports to 400cc motorbikes, we can help!
      We can also collect and deliver if the work needs some speciality equipment. The owner is always on site to assist.
      • Panel beating a motorbike
      • Motorbike front after panel beating
      • BMW Bike Parts After panel beating
      • BMW Bike Tank After spray painting and panel beating

      Auto Body Repair

      From auto body repair to auto works we will get you back on your way.

      Our technicians are also very courteous and will be very helpful. Panel Beaters Midrand will also take the time to explain the auto repairs the auto repairs that are needed on your vehicle and answer any of your questions politely. We realise that not everybody knows cars and have the expertise like we do, and so there's no reason for you not to ask questions.

      ​We will be happy to explain better than other panel beaters.

      Auto Services

      Firstly we do not assume that everyone that needs Auto Services knows what that means when it comes to their vehicles. 

      Secondly we are in a position of experience and knowledge on Auto Services. Our staff and technicians all know about subjects like Panel beaters and minor accident repair.
      Thirdly and most importantly time of year services include winter and summer care. Your car needs attention in the winter for example ice and mist can cause more minor accidents than you think.Moreover summer brings the rains and slippery roads. 

      In conclusion seasons are climate change all impact on Auto Services. We are well versed in the seasons and needs for each.
      You are at the right place for panel beater services.
      What are you waiting for?
      When you need auto repairs, we are there.
      The team of experienced professionals are waiting...
      ​ We are just a click call away
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      Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa
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